Baron of Bedford

High Sheriff & Judge

( My Ancestor)

He married The Lady Ida Longespee, daughter of William Longespee

the 3rd Earl of Salisbury, the  illegitimate son of Henry II , King of England.

Their daughter Lady Elizabeth Beauchamp and her husband

Edward de Camais, Lord of Camies, are our ancestors.

Hedingham Castle
Seat of The Earls of Oxford



BORN: 1185, Bedfordshire , England

DIED: 1260

son of

Simon de Beauchamp, Lord of Bedford and his wife Isabelle

Born: 1150 Bedfordshire England

Simon was son of 

Payne de Beauchamp, Lord of Bedford & Rohese de Vere, Countess of Essex

( her title  of Countess gained from previous marriage to Geoffrey de Mandeville, 1st Earl of Essex )

Payne was born in Buckinghamshire England

he was son of Robert de Beauchamp of Bedford, son of Hugh de Beauchamp of Bedford.

Payne's mother was daughter of Lord Alberic ( Aubrey) de Vere II & Adeliza de Vere (de Clare)

Aubrey de Vere, 1st Earl of Oxford

Lord Aubrey was Lord of Hedlington; Sheriff of London and Middlesex; Great High Chamberlain Justiciar of England; Crusader Baron of Oxford, Justiciar of England and Sheriff of London, Lord of Hedington, Sheriff of London and known as

'' The first Earl of Oxford'' ( click for more info)

He was the son of He was the son of Aubrey de Vere, master chamberlain, & Adeliza

( Alice) de Clare was the daughter of Gilbert Fitz Richard de Clare, Lord of Clare, Tonbridge, and Cardigan and Adeliza de Claremont , her mother was Alice de Essex (de Vere), Daughter of Lord Alberic de Vere, II and Adeliza de Vere .

Robert de Beauchamp ( Paynes father) was

the son of

Walter de Beauchamp

Born: 990, Normandie, France

he was the son of 

Hugh de Beauchamp of Normandie France & a lady born in Dudley Castle, Worcestershire, England 

Hugh was the son of 

Sir Thorold Þóroldr de Pont-Audemer , Sieur, de Pont-Audemer, de Harcourt, Turlof, Furlof, Seigneur de Pont-Audemer

Born: 949 Pont-Audemer, Eure, France

and Hugh's  mother was Wevia de Crépon, sister of Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy.

She was the daughter of Herbastus "le Danois" ( of Danish Origin) de Crépon, Forester of Arques, Heiebasaud Eikadaouuin, Neieckt Aweiieck, , Danish Knight, Forrester of Arque


 He married  The Lady Ida Longespee, daughter of William Longespee 3rd Earl of Salisbury son of Henry II, King of England and Duke of Normandie and Ida de Tosney Countess of Norfolk . Her mother was  Ela FitzPatrick, Countess of Salisbury, the daughter of William FitzPatrick , 2nd Earl of Salisbury and Eléonore de Vitré, daughter of Robert de Vitré, III, Baron de Vitré & Lord of Tillars.



William de Beauchamp


Elizabeth de Beauchamp who married Edward de Camies, Lord of  Cameis, Monmouthshire ,Wales

( Our ancestors)

and four others


Magna Carta Baron

William de Beauchamp took part in the 1210 expedition to Ireland and the 1214 expedition to Poitiers before joining the rebellious barons in 1215 at the beginning of the First Barons' War, entertaining them at his seat of Bedford Castle; as such Beauchamp was one of the rebels excommunicated by Pope Innocent III.


William de Beauchamp was captured at the Battle of Lincoln on 20 May 1217 but made his peace with the government; by this point he had already lost Bedford Castle to Falkes de Breauté in 1215, leading to an odd situation; Breauté was granted the castle, while Beauchamp held the barony. When Breauté fell from power Bedford Castle was besieged and partially destroyed on royal orders, but Beauchamp was granted licence to build a residence within its Bailey. He was part of a royal expedition ambushed by Richard Marshal in 1233, and was appointed a Baron of the Exchequer in 1234 and 1237.


Baron of Bedford

Baron of Exchequer in 1234 & 1237

 Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire for 1236 

Almoner (   chaplain or church officer  )for Eleanor of Provence, Queen of Provence

'Arrival to the Oxford market': - Anonymous (XIII century)
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