The line that goes to

Henry I

& the

2nd line to

Alfred The Great

& Line to 

Olaf King of Dublin



Catrin ferch Llewelwyn

b.1260 Senghennydd, Glamorganshire



Henry de Kemeys, Esq.

Lord of Kemeys

 Formerly de Cameis b.1275

Begansley, St Mellons, Monmouthshire,



Her Father:

Llewellyn Ap Hywel

b.1215, in Senghennydd, Glamorganshire,



His Parents:

Hywel "Felyn" ap Gruffudd


Sarah le Sore


Daughter of

Sir Mayo le Sore



 St. Fagans, Glamorganshire, Wales

son of

Pierre 'Peter' Le Sore (LeSueur)

AND his Mother was

Mabel FitzRobert,

3rd Countess of Gloucester

Who was the daughter of

William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester ( Son of Robert De Caen , 1st Earl of Gloucester and son of Henry I )


Hawise de Beaumont, Countess of Gloucester


Hywel "Felyn" ap Gruffudd parents:

Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach

 Lord of Senghenydd

b. c1150 at of Senghennydd, Glamorganshire, Wales

Died 1211 in Austria-Hungary


Mabel FitzRobert ( de Caen)

of Gloucester

Daughter of

(Robert Fitzroy

'De Caen'

1st Earl of Gloucester,

Baron de Creully & Torigni

Born 11 Apr 1090 in Calvados, Normandy, France.

Died 31 Oct 1147 in Bristol Castle

Buried in St. James Church, Bristol, England)


{Whos was the illegitimate son of:

Henry I,

King of England,

Duke of Normandy

b. 1068, 1 dec 1135)


Gruffudd ap Ifor Bach parents:

Ifor Bach ap Meurig

Lord of Senghenydd

b.c.1120 at of Senghennydd, Glamorganshire, Wales



Nest ferch Gruffudd

b. circa 1122 Carmarthanshire, Wales

Daughter of 


Gruffydd ap Rhys

The Lord oRhys

King of Deheubarth

Prince of South Wales

And Daughter of


 Rhys ap Tewdr Mawr,

King of Deheubarth


A Member of


The House of Dinefwr 

royal house of Wales and refers to the descendants of 

Cadell ap Rhodri 

                 King of Seisyllwg

Who were

King of the Britons,

 King of Dyfed,

King of Deheubarth

King of Powys,

Prince of Seisyllwg

Prince of Gwynedd

Prince of Deheubarth

Founded in854


son of 

Rhodri ap Merfyn

Rhodri the Great.

' King of The Britons'


Nest ferch Gruffudd's mother was


Gwenlian of North Wales


Whos father was

Gruffudd ap Cynan,

King of Gwynedd


Whos father was

Cynan ap Iago,

Prince of North Wales

born at of Aberffraw, Anglesey, Wales

d. circa 1060


He married

Ragnhildr of Dublin b. circa 1025


Daughter of

Olaf, Sihtricson

'The White'

King of Dublin

bc 993 d. 1034


whos father was

Sitric 'of the Silken Beard',

Norse King of Dublind.


And his father was

Olaf Kvaaran, King of York,

Dublin d. 981


His father was

Sithric I "Caoch" King of Dublin, Northumberland



He married

Eadgyth of England

on 30 January 926.


Daughter of

Edward 'the Elder', King of Wessex

b. 870, d. July 924

and his first wife


Who's son was 


King of The Anglo-Saxons

& King of The English

(He died unmarried)

Edward the Elder was son & heir 


Alfred The Great,

King of Wessex


King of The English


Ealfthryth of Gainsborough

b. c852, d. 904


whos grandson



the First King of England

Edward I ( Edmund I )

Half brother of AEthelstan

His parents were

Edward The Elder


King of Wessex 

King of The English

& ( his mother)

Eadgifu of Kent (also Edgiva or Ediva) She was the third wife of

 Edward the Elder.

Edward 'the Elder', King of Wessex

Flag of The House of Dinefwr 
Nest ferch Gruffudd
 Robert Fitzroy 'de Caen'
1st Earl of Gloucester



Illegitamate son

Robert Fitzroy De Caen'1st Earl of Gloucester's illegitimate daughter Mable Fitzrobert

Lady of Gloucester.,

Their married into the Welsh Noble family descended from The Dinefwr Dynasty. She married Gruffudd ap Ifor ,Lord of Senghenydd,

This line stayed in Wales until c1460s,

after John Keymess  Newport, Wales

( desendant of Dinefwr Dynasty.) married an English Lady,Lady Reyland Castel, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Thier daughter married Thomas Houchon Lucas, (Secretary to Jasper Tudor,

Earl of Pembroke and Duke of Bedford.

In 1504 he rose to be Lord Privy Councillor

and Solicitor General to Jasper Tudor's nephew, Henry VIII.)

Their descendant  Mary Lucas ,c 1700 married John Stocking,

Their Daughter Mary Stocking b.1739, married

Thomas Fosbrook,the Fosbrokes of Shropshire His descendant Elizabeth Fosbrook ( The Heiress) married  David Lewis,

their daughter married Samuel Farmer,

my gtgtgt grandfather

Banner of the princely House of Dinefwr and the Kingdom of Deheubarth
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Le Sueur (Le Sore)
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Robert 1st Earl of Gloucester,
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Olaf, King of Dublin

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