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Our Shaws appear to be from the Lowlands of Scotland and are therefore from Clan Schaw

( LATER Shaw) , this is a Lowland Scottish clan. The clan has no connection with the similarly named Clan Shaw of Tordarroch (commonly known as Clan Shaw) which is one of the Highland clans of the Clan Chattan Confederation. Clan Schaw does not have a chief recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms therefore the clan has no standing under Scots Law. Clan Schaw is considered an armigerous clan, meaning that it is considered to have had at one time a chief who possessed the chiefly arms, however no one at present is in possession of such arms.

Uncertain Origins


In George Crawfurd's 18th century publication, History of Renfrewshire, he stated that the antiquary Sir George Mackenzie claimed the clan descended from "Shiach, a son of MacDuff Earl of Fife" from whom the clan took its name.It has also been said the clan descends from a second son of Duncan, Earl of Fife, who was cup bearer to the king of Scots. Later, the 18th century heraldist Alexander Nisbet claimed that the clan may have acted as cup bearers to Alexander II or Alexander III.There is however no real evidence to support any of these claims. Despite this, the arms of Schaw of Sauchie (the principal branch of the clan) allude to the office of cup bearer, and are blazoned as: Azure, three covered cups Or. In this way the arms are similar to those of the Butler family in England.Today members of Clan Schaw may wear a crest badge to show their allegiance to the clan. This crest badge contains the heraldic crest a demi savage Proper, and the heraldic motto I MEAN WELL. The crest within the crest badge is derived from the arms of Schaw of Sauchie.


The clan name Schaw is considered to be either a topographic name or a habitational name. The topographic name is for person who lived near a copse or thicket. It is derived from the Middle English s(c)hage, s(c)hawe from the Old English sceaga. The habitational name could be derived from several places named with these words.The earliest record of the lowland name is of John de Schau, who witnessed a deed in relation to the Abbey of Paisley in 1284.[4] Another early recorded Schaw is William Schaw who witnessed a charter in 1291 to the Monastery of Paisley.

In 1296, Symon de Schawe, Fergus de Shawe and William de Schawe of Lanark, all rendered homage to Edward I, king of England.

Sometime before 1309, the clan acquired the lands of Hayley, Wardlaw and Drumchaber in Ayr from James, Great Steward of Scotland. In 1407, an agreement between John Schaw, lord of Hayley and Alan Cathcart was confirmed by charter under the great seal. John Schaw of Hayley was one of the men that made up the Embassy that negotiated the terms of marriage between James III and Margaret, daughter of the Christian Iking of Denmark. In 1477, a younger son of John Schaw of Hayley received the lands of Sornbeg and Polkemmet. The principal family within the clan was said to have been the Schaws of Sauchie (their residence, Sauchie Tower still stands in Clackmannanshire).

A member of this family was John Schaw of Sauchie, who was Comptroller of the Royal Household to James III.

Other branches or families within the clan were located in Kirkcudbrightshire and Ayrshire, and also around the towns of Greenock and Stirling



   Our Shaw Family Tree

From my mother

DAWN SHIRLEY CAMPBELL-------------------------m----------------------------------ALFRED KEITH FARMER

born Hamilton NZ                                                                                                             born Watford UK

24/06/1939                                                                                                                       12/04/1936

her father


KENNETH DONALD CAMPBELL----------------------m---------------------------------- BERYL IVY WILLIAMSON

born Auckland NZ                                                                                                               born Hamilton NZ

08/05/1913                                                                                                                          Oct 1913

his mother


MARY Mc INTYRE SHAW------------------------------m----------------------------------ARTHUR MILTON CAMPBELL

born Wairoa, Auckland NZ                                                                                                  born Sydney Australia

18/06/1884                                                                                                                           08/06/1882

Her parents


THOMAS SHAW----------------------------------------m-----------------------------------SARAH ANN YOUNG

born Valpariso Chile                                                                                                              born London UK

1854                                                                                                                                         23/01/1855

his parents


THOMAS SHAW-----------------------------------------m---------------------------------MARY McINTYRE

born Muirkirk, Aryshire, Scotland                                                                                      born Kilwinning, Aryshire, Scotland

15/10/1830                                                                                                                           1828

 his parents


JOHN SHAW--------------------------------------------m----------------------------------JANET THOMPSON

born Bannon Hills, Kells, Kirkcudbright, Scotland                                                            born Stevenson, Aryshire Scotland

Oct 1788                                                                                                                                 17/04/1793

his parents                                                                                                                             her parents


JAMES SHAW---------------m----------------MARY McKIE                                 JOHN THOMAS THOMPSON-----m-----JANE FREW

born Miingaff, Kirkcudbright, Scotland         born  Colvent Scotland                                                                           born Stevenson Scotland

 1745                                                                 1750                                                   1767                                               1769

                                                                           her parents                                                                                              her parents                                                   


                                  THOMAS McKIE--------------m---------MARGRET McKIE                     WILLIAM FREW -----m-------JEAN RICHMOND

                                   1700     Both born Kirkcudbright, Scotland    1702                              1735   Both born Kilwinning, Scotland  1742

                                                                                                   her parents


                                                                              JOHN FREW-----m------ ISOBEL PATON




 By Thomas & Mary Shaw  and their family- children and parents in 1865




The Viola was a fine large ship of 1,134 tons, sent out by Patrick Henderson and Son.

She made her first appearance at Port Chalmers in 1863 under Captain Adams.

She sailed from Glasgow on the 21st August, crossed the equator on the 1st October and arrived at Port Chalmers on December 2nd, with 91 passengers.


Two years later, in 1865, she visited Auckland, under the command of Captain Mitchell. She sailed from Glasgow on the 8th December 1864 and after a somewhat lengthy passage the ship arrived in port on the 4th April, 1865, having on board 340 Government immigrants.

During the voyage there were twelve deaths and eight births.


In 1866 the Viola made another voyage to Otago under Captain Ritchie.

She sailed from Greenock on the 12th April. The Cape was rounded on the 14th June, and Port Chalmers reached on the 25th July, where she landed 99 passengers.


The Viola again visited Port Chalmers in 1868, under Captain Ross. She sailed from Greenock on the 14th December, 1867, and on 12th March arrived in port with 145 immigrants.

with Salvation Army Brooch

Immigration to New Zealand

In 1865 Thomas and Mary SHAW (nee McINTYRE), together with Thomas' brother David, his wife Janet and their children David, Janet, Charles and Thomas, immigrated from Glasgow to New Zealand aboard the ‘Viola’.

In addition, some of Mary's family immigrated with them, including Donald & James McINTYRE, Daniel & his wife Janet, together with their children Marion, John and Peter.

Also on board was John SHAW, possibly a cousin.

Newspaper Report of Arrival

The Southern Cross April 5th 1865


The ship Viola, Captain Mitchell, arrived in harbour yesterday morning from Glasgow, with a large cargo of general merchandise and 340 Government immigrants. She is consigned to Mr. Walter Grahame. The Viola took her departure on the 8th December, and was detained in the chops of the Channel for ten days. Experienced very light N.E. and S.E. trades. Crossed the equator on the 16th January, in 20' 30 W. longitude, and rounded the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 17th February in 40' S latitude. Ran her easting down between the parallels of 42' and 47' S with moderate weather, passing to the southward of Tasmania. Rounded the North Cape of New Zealand on the 27th March, and encountered heavy S. E. gales for three days. Since then fine weather has prevailed. No vessels connected with the colonies were sighted during the voyage. There have been eight births, and twelve deaths.

Settling in Clevedon

In 1852, one of the first European settlers to arrive in Clevedon was Mr Duncan McNicol and his family. In 1865 a further 150 new immigrants arrived from Scotland on the ship ‘Viola’. After landing at Auckland they went by barge up the Wairoa River to Wairoa (Clevedon) where they decided to settle in the Clevedon Valley and the surrounding districts. Originally covered in thick native bush, the settlers cleared the land resulting in many of them being involved in timber milling and gum digging activities. After clearing, the area was used predominantly for pastoral farming, with some horticultural development in prime soil areas.


Settling in Scots Valley, Waikato

David Shaw who married Janet, the son of Thomas and Mary, sought their way in the Waikato, buying some scrub land, developing farmland there and successfully farming.

The area became known as 'Scotsmans Valley'. This is our family connection

Their children were David,Janet, Charles and Thomas. Their son Thomas is our forebearer.

Our Fore-bearer THOMAS SHAW born 1854 in Chile.

Thomas Shaw was born in Valpariso Chile in 1854. His parents, grand parents and some of his siblings were in Chile working in the copper mines for a Scottish Mining Company. It was while they were there that Thomas was born. The indenture was for 5 years, after that they returned to Kilwinning, only to leave shortly on the ship Viola bound for New Zealand from Glasgow.

As a young man Thomas helped his brother David on the farm in Scotsman's Valley and during this time he met his future wife Sarah Ann Young, a English young women born in London. She was  the daughter of English carpenter cabinet maker Benjamin Young. He would become a successful business man who started Benjamin Young Builders in Auckland NZ. His wife was Eliza Jane  Beale of London. Benjamin Young's  parents were Joseph Young and Margaret Lancaster of Bedfordshire England, his parents were John Young and Hannah Matthews, her parents were John Matthews and Sarah Hare.


Thomas and Sarah had seven children, five of which survived into adulthood.

One of these was Mary Mc Intyre Shaw, my great grand mother.

Unfortunately Thomas had deserted Sarah, leaving her to raise the children alone.

After seven years she was allowed to be free of her marriage. She then married again a Mr Byrant.

She had joined the Salvation Army and had started a work amongst abused women, the women's refuge became called Byrant House. She became known as Granny Bryant.

Nobody in the family knew where Thomas had gone, one story was that he had joined a ship and had died

in the China sea by a ships boon hitting his head. But at more recent times we think we have found other cousins in Australia who have possibly the same Thomas Shaw as their fore bearer.

And there is even more mystery attached to Thomas Shaw. He was called 'The Black Sheep' of the family, perhaps because he abandon his family. But also he was said to be of 'dark blood' by the old women.

My grand father told me, that he was told this when he was likened to his grandfather because of his wild ways , ''it was because of the 'dark blood' ''.

This has lead me to believe that there is more to the story that just the' case of abandonment'.

I am only surmising, but say Thomas who was born in Chile was in fact the son of a Chilean or Spaniard?

Suppose his mother was either in an illicit affair or was forced to comply?

If this were the case it would be more likely that his 'mother' was NOT his real mother as she, Mary Shaw, would have been not that young and had several children already. I do wonder if his sister, who was 16 years older than him, was in fact his mother?

Scottish families were known to take their children's illegitimate babies and raise them as their own, to protect the daughter and the child. It was common practice in poorer families.

In addition, my grandfather KD Campbell the grandson of Thomas, was a natural Horse Whisperer, having not really knowing what that was, in its self!

Any way we don't really know, but its interesting.

Dr James Shaw, our cousin for the links of his work on the pedigree
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 The place of Rest for many of our Shaw ancestors.
 New Galloway, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland