My maternal Lineage

The Campbell Family

(Campbell-MacCathmhaoil ) SEE BELOW


daughter Judy, son Cyril, daughter Wilhemina, son Milton, son Harry, daughter Stella, Father Arthur John,

daughter Lena,mother, Clara Ann

When Irish Eyes are Smiling - Harry Macdonough 1912
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Baptist Church in Bathurst, Sydney,

You maybe asking why have I got Irish music playing on the this page dedicated to my Campbell fore bearers?

Well that's because they were from Ireland.

But we will start here with the family in the portrait above.


Arthur John Campbell and his wife Clara Ann ( Nee)Vaughn lived and raised their family in Redfern, Sydney NSW Australia.

Arthur John was born in Redfern on the 29th December 1847 and was baptised in st Andrews Presbyterian Church, Sydney.

His employment was that of a clerk.

From the ' family portrait ' above one can ascertain that they were a religious couple, as the Mother holds a Bible and an emblem. In addition, the gravestone of Arthur John and his wife Clara has a very Christian statement on it, the scripture

'' therefore be ye also ready for in such a time ye think not the Son of Man cometh'' ( Matt 24: 44 KJV) This is a statement of their believe in the Second Coming of Christ Jesus.

Arthur and Clara married in the Baptist Church in Bathurst, Sydney, they went on to have eight children whom they raised middle class.


Ada Florence born 1875

Wilhemina born 1878

Cyril Eustace born 1880

'' Milton '' Arthur Milton born 1882 ( our gt gt grandfather),

Stella Mary born 1884

'' Judy'' Priscilla Judith born 1889

Harry William born 1892

Lena Sylvia born 1895


Clara was born on the 14th May 1854 in Sydney NSW. Her father was Henry Frederick Vaughn born 1817 in  st Martin in the Field, Westminster, London, he had gone to Australia and become a Hairdresser in Pitt Street Sydney, where he lived with his wife, Clara's mother Ann Balfour who was born in Sydney Australia 1842.

Henry Frederick Vaughn  appears to have acquired 50 acres by way of Land Grant on the  21st  January 1873 in Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia as he was in the Sydney Battalion Rifles 7th Company. (  Land Order Certificates, Volunteer Land Orders) . Henry Frederick's father was a Thomas Vaughn.

Henry and Ann had eight children.


Thomas Henry born 1843

Elizabeth born 1845

Henry Thomas born 1848

Mary Ann '' Marion'' born 1850

Clara Ann born 1854

William Frederick born 1857

Susan A B born 1862

Florence Beatrice born 1864

Arthur John Campbell's PARENTS:


ARRIVAL IN NSW, AUSTRALIA- 7 Jan 1840, Port Jackson, New South Wales

Arthur John's father William was born in Dromore Parish, Antrim Ireland on the 14th June 1820.

At age 19 he arrived at Port Jackson, NSW on the 7th January 1840. He had sailed aboard the Lady Lilford from Liverpool, England in ''Steerage'' as an ''unassisted immigrant''. William was also a writers clerk.

When he was 25 he married a Martha Bean on the 4th August 1845 at Saint Andrews Scots Church, Sydney, NSW. They went on to have four children.


William George born 1846

Arthur John born 1847

Augusta Mary Georgia born 1850

Alfred James born 1852

Early Death;

William and Martha died 1 day apart. Both were buried, by Presbyterian Service, at Devonshire Cemetery, on 19 Jun 1852, leaving 4 children under 6 years. Their young son, Alfred James, died 6 months later on 26 Dec 1852 - aged 8 months.




His father was also called William and his mother was Ellen.

This William was also born in Antrim Ireland to a James Campbell.

Sadly this is all we know about the Campbells.


Marth's parents were William Bean born 8th September 1792 Westminster London and he died  24th October 1834  at Sand Hills Botany Bay NSW and Elizabeth Bradley born 12th October 1796 York England and died 20th October 1870 Castle Hill NSW.

William had come to Australia a 'free man' aboard the ship 'Buffalo' in 1799, he was 8 years old. He was the son of James Thomas John Bean, son of a Thos Bean who was a free settler had been given eight years before that, a grant of  80 acres of land, ''which he had ( by the time of his sons arrival) cleared and cultivated and had also pursued his trade as a carpenter, has realised stock to the number head of cattle and finding the aforesaid farm to confined.......... to set apart land for ( his son)''

(New South Wales, Australia, Colonial Secretary's Papers, 1788-18 56 Memorials To  The Governor 1810-1826

The Governor, 1810-1826)

His mother was Elizabeth Taylor born 1754 Holburn London. Her parents were John Taylor from Thetford Cambridge and Mary Sutherland from Cheshire. His father was also John Taylor and Eleanor Holden both from Thetford.


But for some reason known as The Keri Keri Mission, Martha Bean father,William in 1819 on the 21st December arrived in New Zealand with his wife and infant first born son ,up the Waikato River, with the other first Europeans to arrive at Keri Keri

( later named Hamilton)

'' There was much excitement when the first European families arrived to take up residence. The flat-bottomed punt laden with the settlers and their chattels was towed into Kerikeri by two Maori canoes on the morning of 21 December 1819. Those first settlers were the Rev. John Butler, his wife Hannah, their eighteen-year-old son Samuel, two-year-old daughter Hannah, and their servant Richard Russell; James and Charlotte Kemp; William and Margery Puckey, their son William Gilbert aged fourteen years and three daughters, Caroline, Elizabeth and Jane; Sarah and William Fairburn; William and Elizabeth Bean with their young son William, born in Australia in 1817 and their very young baby George Thomas, born at Rangihoua on 21 October.''

( Transcript)

Written by John Armstrong, "The Beans in NZ,"

His son William died there in 1820 aged 1 year

William petitioned Sir Thomas Brisbane for an extension to his 30 acres which he had cultivated and on which he had fourteen head of horned cattle.

Samuel Marsden ( Missionary to NZ)described him as an "industrious man".

He was granted the extra land in July 1824.

He received another land grant in 19th October 1831 in Menangle 

William was granted 80 acres at Menangle (Grant No: 509). On 19 October 1831. This property was later called "Mount View." 


They had 11 children



James ( died age 6)

James Thomas

Rose Ellen Maria


William ( our forebearer)



(Our William & Ellen Campbell from Antrim)


(cathmhaoil, battle chief).  An Irish sept in Tyrone; in Donegal.

The sept MacCathmhaoil got their name from Cathmhaol, descended from Feradhach son of Muireadhach son of Eoghan,son of Niall Naoighiallach. As the MacCathmhaoils were the leading sept of Cenél Fearadhaigh, they are often called Cenél Fearadhaigh,sometimes Cenél Fearadhaigh Theas, to distinguish them from the offshoots of Cenél


Gillespie O'Duibhne  was the first to have borne the name, and founded clan Campbell at the beginning of the 13th century. His descendants included the most famous branch, the Campbells of Argyll.The vast majority of Irish Campbells are descended from the Scottish family and the name came to Ireland when the Gallowglass moved into Ulster and later on with more traditional settlers who arrived in the seventeenth century, although in County Tyrone the surname may be an anglicisation of the Irish 

Mac Cathmhaoil, from Cathmhaol, meaning 'battle-champion'.

The Tyrone "Campbells" are usually not the Scottish Campbells.

After the Plantations the Tyrone native Gaelic MacCathmhaoil clan also adopted Campbell as the anglicised version of their name. The surname Campbell is one of the thirty most numerous in Ireland, with over two-thirds of those living in Ulster.

Campbell families are prevalent in Donegal, Cavan, Armagh, Down and Antrim.


The Tyrone native Gaelic MacCathmhaoil clan also adopted Campbell as the anglicised version of their name. The surname Campbell is one of the thirty most numerous in Ireland, with over two-thirds of those living in Ulster.Campbell families are prevalent in Donegal, Cavan, Armagh, Down and Antrim.