Where my forebearer Thomas SHAW was born; whilst his parents worked for a Scottish copper mining company.
My Scottish Lineage

 King Duncan I of Scotland

Donnchad mac Crinain.
Father: Crinan, Abbot of Dunkeld
Mother: Bethoc, daughter of Malcom II
Relation to Elizabeth II: 27th great-grandfather
House of: Dunkeld
Born: c. 1001
Ascended to the throne: November 25, 1034
Married: Sybilla, c. 1030
Children: three sons including Malcolm III and Donald III
Died: August, 1040, either murdered by Macbeth or killed in battle against him near Elgin.
Buried at: Isle of Iona
Succeeded by: his cousin Macbeth

Duncan (Donnchad mac Crínáin) was the son of Crinan, the Abbot of Dunkeld, and Bethroc daughter of Malcolm II. He was the first of the House of Dunkeld.

His incursions south into England were unsuccessful including the siege of Durham in 1139, but he strengthened his hold over Strathclyde. The hereditary rights of his two sons Malcolm and Donald were threatened by Macbeth of Moray who claimed the kingdom. The feud was temporarily settled in 1040 when Duncan was either murdered by Macbeth, or more likely fatally wounded in battle at Pitgaveny near Elgin by Macbeth who then became king. Duncan’s sons escaped and both would later become kings.


Malcom III, King of The Scots

The eldest son of King Duncan I, Malcolm III was later nicknamed Canmore, which means big head, or long neck, depending on the accepted source. It is not clear when he was born, but he reigned as King of the Scots from 1058 AD till his death in 1093.

After his father’s death, Malcolm and his younger brother Domnall Bán were sent away for safety. One source claims Malcolm grew up in the English court of Edward the Confessor, while another asserts that their mother took both sons to Thorfinn Sigurdsson’s Court.

Malcolm married Ingebjorg, Countess of Orkney, a daughter of Finn Arnesson, which secured him peace in the north and west of Scotland. They had a son, Duncan II who was later king. Ingebjorg may have died as early as 1058.

In 1068 AD, Malcolm granted asylum to some English exiles, including Edgar Aethling and his sister Margaret, who he later married. Margaret was the future St Margaret of Scotland. They had six sons and two daughters together: Edward, Edmund, Ethelred, Edgar, Alexander, David, Edith and Mary.

In 1072 AD, Malcolm handed his eldest son Duncan to William of Normandy and accepted his authority. This was fairly normal practice as a method of securing peace.

Malcolm was killed in the Battle of Alnwick in November of 1093. Alexander I had his body laid to rest in Dunfermline Abbey, by his wife Margaret’s remains.​

The Current Clan Campbell Chieftan

Torquhil Campbell,

13th Duke of Argyll

Inveraray Castle, Seat of The Dukes of Argyll


My mother:

Dawn Shirley CAMPBELL

Born New Zealand

Her father:

Kenneth Donald CAMPBELL

Born New Zealand

His parents:

Arthur Milton CAMPBELL

Born Sydney Australia

Mary McIntyre SHAW

His parents:

Arthur John CAMPBELL,

Crown court clerk in Sydney Australia.

Clara Ann VAUGHN

His Parents:


Martha BEAN

This is all I have on my Campbell line, contact me if you can help further my tree.

My Other Scottish Lines

The Miners of Coal & Copper





My mother:

Dawn Shirley CAMPBELL

Born: New Zealand

Her father:

Kenneth Donald CAMPBELL

Born New Zealand


Born : New Zealand

His parents:

Arthur Milton CAMPBELL

Born Sydney Australia

Mary McIntyre SHAW

Born: New Zealand

Her parents:

Thomas SHAW 

Born in Valparaiso, Chile

Sarah Anne YOUNG

Born New Zealand

His parents:

Thomas SHAW

Born:Muirkirk, KILWINNING, Ayrshire, Scotland


Born:KILWINNING Ayrshire Scotland

His parents:


Born: Muirkirk, KILWINNING, Ayrshire, Scotland


Born:Stevenson, Ayrshire, Scotland

His parents:

James SHAW

Born:Minningoff, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

Mary McKie

Born:Colvend Scotland

Mary McINTYRES parents


Born: Scotland


Born: Scotland


Janet Thompson's parents:


Born: Stevenson Scotland


Born :Stevenson Scotland


Jane Frew's parents:

William FREW

Born: Kilwinning Scotland


Born: Kilwinning Scotland

William Frew's parents:


Born: Kilwinning Scotland

Isobel PATON

Born: Kilwinning Scotland

Muirkirk, KILWINNING, Ayrshire, Scottish mining town

As you would have seen, in my family tree

I have links to Scottish Kings Malcolm III and Duncan I from The House of  Dunkeld.

 Duncan I , I share with our present

Queen Elizabeth II.

These lines are from my fathers side of the family tree.

But I also have a long line of Scots from my mothers side of the family tree

and  we are members of

The Clan Campbell 

Horrorific Copper Mines of Valpariso, Chile





As a poor coal mining family in Scotland, the whole family was indentured to a Scottish mining company for 5 years to work the mines in Valapariso Chile. This is where my Gt Gt  GtGrandfather Thomas Shaw was born. The whole family mined in these awful conditions, including their older parents, their sons and a 16 year old daughter.

After the 5 years they returned to Muirkirk in Scotland, but alas poverty still had its grip on the place, with the mines closed down.

So they took a chance and the WHOLE family from elderly parents to burnes, boarded a ship for New Zealand.

One can only imagine the horror of the journey, but they all arrived safely.

In NZ they eventually worked their way to owning a huge farm in the Waikato in the North island of NZ. Which became called Scotsmen's Valley after my forebearers.

Other forebearers on my mothers, mothers side of the tree were lower middle class and trades men , some of which built churches and other community buildings in Hamilton NZ.

My Gt grandfather WILLIAMSON, was a coach-maker, he carved designs into the interiors. His forebearers came to NZ with the 3rd Militia of HM Queen Victoria's army, enlisted to protect the pioneers in Hamilton NZ.My grandfather Kenneth Donald Campbell, was one of the men who built the roads of Hamilton NZ, carving out roads from huge hills! He also logged trees in KinleathTokoroa, a town with many Scottish road names.

Logging in New Zealand in the 1950s

Saint John's Methodist Church Hamilton NZ

One of the Churches my forebearers helped fund to build and my relation Benjamin YOUNG builders , built it. I was married there in 1994 and my great grand parents before me.

Sadly it has now been replaced with a modern church.

Donnchad mac Crinain was king of Scotland from 1034 to 1040. He is the historical basis of the "King Duncan" in Shakespeare's play Macbeth

The House of Dunkeld became extinct in 1286, when Alexander III (1249-1286) died as a result of an accident, leaving only a young granddaughter, Margaret of Norway, to succeed him. Margaret, known as the 'Maid of Norway', died on the journey to Scotland to take up the throne, leaving a number of claimants to dispute their right to Scotland's crown.


Malcom 'Canmore' III King of The Scots

is my ancestor through my lineage connect to Henry II Plantagenet's son William Longespee, 3rd Earl of Salisbury and his daughter Ida who married William de Beauchamp the Magna Carta Baron of Bedford


Through Malcom III,

who was his first born 

son and heir.

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A Typical Pioneers House in Scotsmans Valley New Zealand