My Lineage
The Dukes

The Dukes of Burgundy -My Lineage

From Henry i & Henry II


King Henri I  King of England, Count of Anjou .'Henry Beauclerc'

4th son of William the Conqueror.


Matilda of Scotland

 Their daughter

 Empress Matilda


Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou

Their son was

Henry II King of England, Count of Anjou.


William I, Duke of Normandy & King of England 

Henry I's father.

His father was

Robert I, Duke of Normandy

'The Magnificent' 

His mother

Judith of Brittany (982-1017)

Her parents

Conan I of Rennes, Duke of Britany 

Ermengarde-Gerberga of Anjou

Adele of Meux ( once married )

daughter of 

Geoffrey I, Count of Anjou 


Adele of Vermandois.

Her father was

Robert de Vermandois, Count of Meux


Adelais of Burgundy,

Her father was

Gilbert, Duke of Burgundy

Gilbert  of Chalon or Giselbert 

was count of ChalonAutunTroyesAvallon

 and Dijon,

and Duke of Burgundy between 952 and 956.

He ruled Burgundy jure uxoris,

his wife Ermengarde being of the family of Richard the Justiciar.

By her he had two daughters: Adelais and Liutgarde. Adelais is my ancestor.


Gilbert never managed to maintain the independence of the duchy in the struggles for power of 10th century France.

In 955, he became a vassal of 

Hugh the Great, count of Paris and married his oldest daughter, Liutgard, to Hugh's son Otto of Paris.

Otto of Paris became Otto, Duke of Burgundy ( through his father in law )

Otto William the count of Burgundy

see page The Counts of Burgundy

Otto-William of Mâcon was born in 958 during the joint reign of his grandfather, King Berengar II of Italy, and his father, King Adalbert. His mother was Gerberga of Mâcon.His mother gave him what would later be the Free County of Burgundy around Dole in 982. Otto also inherited the duchy of Burgundy on the other side of the Saône in 1002 from his stepfather Eudes Henry the Great. The duchy then corresponded to the diocese of Besançon in the Holy Roman Empire. By 990 Otto-William was the Count of Nevers.He was also Count of Mâcon in France.

Eudes Henry The Great was The Duke of Burgundy and Count of Nevers.

He was a younger son of Hugh the GreatCount of Paris, and Hedwig of Saxony and thus the younger brother of

( see page )King Hugh Capet.As Odo, he entered the church at a young age and was a cleric at the time of the death of his brother Otto, Duke of Burgundy, on 22 February 965.He was elected by the Burgundian counts to succeed his brother and they gave him the name Henry. However Otto-Henry only held three counties of his own, his vassals holding the remaining six that comprised the core of that held by Richard the Justiciar who died in 921.

In 972, he married Gerberga of Mâcon, the widow of Adalbert II of Italy,who had sought refuge at Autun. Through Gerberga, he had a stepson named Otto William. He married a second time to Gersenda, daughter of William II of Gascony. He died without any sons of his own by his first two wives and was succeeded by his stepson, Otto-William. This resulted in a short war of succession between the adherents of Otto-William and those of Robert II of France, leading eventually to the partition of Burgundy between the County of Burgundy and the Duchy of Burgundy in 1004.

While Otto William was the son of a king, he did not himself seek a royal wife. In c. 975—80 he married Ermentrude of Roucy whose maternal grandmother, Gerberga of Saxony was a sister of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor and by this marriage alliance it caused a web of consanguinity between later kings of France, Germany, Burgundy and the Carolingians.Even his children's spouses, although from great families, came from widespread and scattered parts of France.


Burgundy was annexed to the crown of France by King Robert II in 1004.

Determined to be sovereign ruler of his own lands, Otto revolted against the Emperor Henry II in 1016. This was after Rudolph III of Burgundy, the last king of that realm, had done homage to Henry at Strasbourg making him his guard and heir.

On Otto's death, the Free County fell under the suzerainty of the German emperors.

Otto-William died 21 September, 1026 at the age of 64.

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