Kings of England
William I, The Conqueror
Henry I, Bueleric
Henry II, Plantagenet
The Kings of Wessex

Edward The Exile

Edward Ironside, King of England

Æthelred the Unready

Edgar the Peaceful

Edmund I, King of English

Edward the Elder, English King

Alfred The Great, King of The English

Princesses of Wessex ,

Saint Margaret of Wessex 

Eadgyth of England

The Royal Houses of Scotland & Scottish Kings
House of Dunkeld
Malcolm III Canmore, King of The Scots
Duncan I King of Alba & Scotland
Saint Margaret of Scotland
The Royal Houses of Wales & Welsh Kings/Princes
The King of Wales,Gruffydd ap Llywelyn
Princess Gwenlian of North Wales
House of Dinefwr
The Descendants of Cadell ap Rhodri,and were

King of the Britons,

 King of Dyfed,

King of Deheubarth

Rhys ap Tewdwr

Gruffydd ap Rhys

King of Powys,

Prince of Seisyllwg

Prince of Gwynedd

Prince of Deheubarth

Founded in854

 King of Seisyllwg, Cadell ap Rhodri
The Irish Kings
The Kings of Leinster
The Kings of Munster
Brian  Boroimhe (Boru) King of Dalcassians and Munster
The Viking Kings,  The Kings of Dublin, York &  Northumberland
Olaf, Sihtricson, Norse King of Dublin,
Sigtrygg'of the Silken Beard, Norse King of Dublin
,Olaf Kvaaran, King of York & Dublin
Sithric I King of Dublin, York & Northumberland,
Kings of Jerusalem & Levant
Baldwin II
Faulk IV
Faulk V
Holy Roman Emperors/Empress
Empress Matilda
Otto I
King of The Franks ( France)
The Capetian Dynasty
Hugh Capet
Robert II King of The French
European Kings,Queens & Queen Consort
Ottonian Dynasty
Heinrich der Finkler ( or Vogler)
''Henry The Fowler''
King of East Francia & Duke of Saxony- ''King of Germany''
Queen Consort of The Franks,Bertrade de Montfort
Queen Consort of France,Adelaide of Aquitaine
Queen Consort of France, Constance of Arles ' Queen of Provence'
Queen Consort of England,Matilda of Flanders
Queen of Italy, Empress Matilda
German Queen, Empress Matilda
Björn Eriksson Swedish king
Olof Skötkonung King of Sweden
Eric the Victorious Swedish king
Estrid of the Obotrites Swedish queen and West Slavic princess
Świętosława Polish Princess &  later Queen Consort of Denmark
European Grand Princes & Grand Princesses
Vladimir the Great Prince of Novgorod, grand Prince of Kiev
Yaroslav I, ' the Wise' Grand Prince of Rus
Ingegerd Olofsdotter,Swedish princess and a Grand Princess of Kiev
European Princes & Princesses
Princess Rogneda of Polotsk
Rogvolod Prince of Polatsk
Świętosława Polish Princess &  later Queen Consort of Denmark
Princess Doubravka of Bohemia
Princess Anne of Kiev, later Queen consult of France
Estrid of the Obotrites Swedish queen and West Slavic princess
European & English Dukes
Dukes of Saxony, Otto I & Henry The Fowler
Duke of Burgundy, Gilbert of Chalon
Duchess of Burgundy, Ermengarde of Anjou
Duke of Aquitaine, William I
Dukes of Normandy, Henry I Beuleric
William The Conqueror,Simon de Montford
Duke of Aquitaine, Henry II 
Duke of Buckingham, 1st creation,Humphrey Stafford, 1st  Duke
Mieszko I of Poland Duke of Poland
English Earls
Earl of Salisbury, William Longespee,
3rd Earl of Salisbury
Earl of Leicester, Robert de Beaumont
Earl of Gloucester,Robert Fitzroy de Caen, 1st Earl
William Fitz-Robert 2nd Earl
Earls of Stafford,Edmund Stafford, 5th​ Earl
English Barons
Baron of Bedford,William de Beauchamp
Baron de Creully & Torigni, Robert Fitzroy de Caen
European & English Counts/Countesses
Count of Paris- Hugh Capet ( Capetian Dynasty)
Count of Provence, William I
Count of Saxony,Liudof ( Ottonian Dynasty )
Countess of Norfolk, Ida de Tosny
Countess of Salisbury, Ela Fitzpatrick
( to be wife of William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury)
Countess of Gloucester, Hawide de Beaumont
Countess of Buckingham, Anne of Buckingham

Noble Lords & Political Offices

Lord of Ireland, Henry II

Lord Privy Councillor and Solicitor General

To Henry VIII,Thomas Houchon Lucas

Baron of Bedford,William de Beauchamp, High Sheriff of Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Welsh Lords

Lord of Kemeys , Henry Kemeys esq.


Lord of Senghenydd, Ifor Bach ap Meurig

Glamorganshire, Wales

Knights & Lords

Lord Of Flamstead,Roger III DE TOSNY

Lord Of Flamstead & Conches


Sir Mayo de Sore

Pipe Roll of William The Conqueror 1066AD

Walter de Focebroc

William de la Famier *

Royal Courtiers

Lord Privy Councillor and Solicitor General

To Henry VIII,

Thomas Houchon Lucas


Matilda of The House of Stafford, 

Dry Nurse to Henry VI.

Noble Ladies

Lady of Gloucester, Mable Fitzroy

Lady Reylyn Castell


Esquires of Manors

House of Stafford, Castle & Manor Penhurst

Dukes of Buckingham

John of Canford

Dreswell Estate , Lord of The Manor

Shardlow Hall & Estate

Middle Hope Manor

Almoner, Royal Chaplains & Reverends

Baron of Bedford,William de Beauchamp, appointed by Eleanor Queen consort of England

c 1236 ( wife of Henry III, consort during his absence)

Rev William Fosbroke,Vicar of Diddlebury, Rector of Acton Scot, antiquarian.

List of Our Titled Ancestors

The French Kings & Dukes 

That are our Ancestors


Hugh Capet, Capetian Dynasty

King of France

Robert II,  'The Pious',

Robert Le Pieux (born c. 970)

Robertian Dynasty

King of France

Duke of Burgundy ( annexed ito titles of King of France)

Henry II , Henry Curtmantle,Plantagenet

( King of England)

Duke of Aquitaine,

Duke of Normandy

Henry I Beuleric ( King of England)

Dukes of Normandy

 Duke of Aquitaine,

William,The Conqueror, Duke of Normandy

William III

Duke of Aquitaine


The French Queens 

That are our Ancestors

Bertrade de Montfort

Queen Consort of The Franks
Adelaide of Aquitaine
Queen Consort of France,
Constance of Arles ' Queen of Provence'
Queen Consort of France,

The French Counts & Countesses That are our Ancestors

Gilbert of Chalon

Count of Anjou, Maine, Nantes,  Chalon, Autun, Troyes, Avallon,& Dijon


Otto William

Count of Burgundy

Balwin V

Count of Flanders

Geoffrey V Plantagenet 

Count of Anjou

Count of Maine

Count of Mortian

Faulk IV & Faulk V

Count of Anjou

Geoffrey II,

Count of Gâtinais

Hugh Capet ( Capetian Dynasty)
Count of Paris
William I
Count of Provence, 
Henry I ' Henry Bleurec '
 Count of Anjou
 Count of Maine
 Count of Nantes

Royal Residences,

Castles & Manor Estates

of our ancestors

Castle of Niort

Niort, Deux-Sevres France

The castle was started by Henry II Plantagenet in the 12th century and it was completed by his son Richard the Lionheart. Today The castle houses several museums, including an archeological museum on the ground floor. 


Tower of London  'The White Tower'- still owned by royalty of England.

William I The Conqueror 

Also MANY  other castles built by William I


Windsor Castle- Still a royal residence

Berkshire, England

Henry I

Dover Castle- is now an English Heritage site

Dover, England

Henry II

Palace of Westminster, Now- 'The Houses of Parliament'

London, England

Edward I

Kerak Castle - Built 1140s, known by The Crusaders as 'Crac des Moabites' and in history as 'Karak in Moab' - Besieged and taken in 1189 by

Saladin ( first sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty )

Al-Karak Southern Jordan

'Kings of Jerusalem'


Dinefwr Castle- Now a ruin owned by The National Trust

Carmarthenshire, Wales.

'House of Dinefwr

Dunkeld Castle - Demolished, it once stood in the vicinity of Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld, Perthshire Scotland.

'House of Dunkeld'


Alnwick Castle, Malcolm II King of The Scots


Many Welsh Castles TBA

Sitric I Castle, YORK

Hugh Capet inherited vast estates in the regions of Paris and Orléans, extending in some places south of the Loire River


Chateau de Nuef en Cote d Or

Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, Burgundy, France

SEIGNEUR GULLIAUME de Chateau Neuf en Boutieres

Chateau neuf en-Boutières


Bedford Castle- Demolished


Baron of Bedford,William de Beauchamp


Castle & Manor Penhurst

Penhurst, Kent.

Humphrey Stafford,1st Duke of Buckingham

The High House of Stafford, Now shops and offices 


'House of Stafford'

Shardlow Hall
built in 1684 for Leonard Fosbrooke
Ravenstone Hall
' The Fosbrokes'
Middle Hope  Manor and Lower House Farm,

William I
King of England
My family,
through my father, we have not one but two bloodlines to The kings of England & Europe.
Henry I Beuleric & Henry II Plantagenet.
In fact all the way back to
Alfred The Great and beyond
In addition  to Kings & Queens in our noble lineage,
some of our ancestors were, Dukes, Earls, Barons, Counts & Countesses, Lords & Ladys, Knights & Almoner men AND there is even a Saint!



To find out more about this pages characters click on the name below the picture, this will take you to a link.

Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem
Empress Matilda
Holy Roman Empress
William Longespee,
3rd Earl of Salisbury
Ela, 3rd Countess of Salisbury
Wife of William Longespee
Later Abbess of Lacock Prior ( Augustine)
And Sheriff of Wiltshire 
( after her husbands death)




 Have you ever got tired of hearing the statements;

''that everybody has some blue blood''

or '' that it is very common in today's society''

or '' we are all descendants of Charlemagne'' .

This is pure 'theory' perpetuated by leftist media. ( Those with globalism,communism, socialism agenda )

As it is impossible to know that just because your ancestors were around in the time of say,

Henry II ,that they were the legitimate or  illegitimate son of the king or his groom!
But if you can prove your lineage by accurate research, by tracking down who married who, who gave birth to whom, etc . This is how you find out whether you are the descendant of that known king or his groom, this is proof enough.


And being a descendant of a royal or a notable person makes it easier to correlate the needed information to prove this, as most of these 'notable persons' lineage can be found on legitimate sites on the internet. 



That 'argument' could equally say 99% are descended from his groom!

This is just one source, we are ''the top 1%'',

according to and I quote from 1a publication website seeking more memberships through asking if you descend from royalty;
'Do you think your family originated from the top 1 percent? '

Henry The Fowler, King of Germany
William de Beauchamp
Baron of Bedford

Sir Thomas Houchon Lucas

Lord Privy Councillor and Solicitor General

To Henry VIII

Henry II, King of England

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