1920s Bohemian Style in black Chic
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1920s Bohemian Style-Oriental birds
1920s Bohemian Style

Ever wanted the Bohemian writer Ariadne oliver , from Agatha Christie's Poirot, style?

Being a middle aged lady, her style was some what old fashioned for the 1930s Moderne.

She favoured the Bohemian style of the 1920s

Even today this style is most practical and chic for the middle aged or indeed any aged lady with artistic flair.

Art Deco Style

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1920s Bohemian Style

-Homespun chic

1920s Bohemian Style
Orange Fan
1930s Chic
Coco Chanel Style
1930s Glamous Evening wear 
Coco Chanel Style
The height of Moderne fashion in the 1930s was Coco Chanel creations.
Her everyday Classic Black Jersey dress creation, adorned with piles of costume jewellery and a jaunty fedora hat, was loved by all.
It was both practical and chic!