Edward de Cameis

 (Edward de Kemeys)

Lord of Cameis

( My Ancestor)

BORN: abt 1240 Kemeys Inferior, Monmouthshire, Wales

MARRIED:  Elizabeth Beauchamp

                   Daughter of William de Beauchamp, Baron of Bedford

PARENTS: Edward de Cameis & the daughter of Adam ap "Edward" Iorwerth of Gwent.

                  Edward was the son of Walter de Cameis



SON: Meyric (Maurice) "Meurig" de Kemeys  born about 1260 in Begansley, St Mellons, Monmouthshire, Wales ( Our Ancestor )

SON: John de Cameis Born about 1275 in Kemeys Inferior, Monmouthshire, England

HIS SON ( our ancestral line)


MEYRIC de Kemeys married Cristin ferch Dafydd, daughter of Dafydd ap Meurig, the son of Meurig Ap Maredudd, son of  

Maredudd ap Rhydderch, son of Rhydderch ap Bleddri,son of Bledri Latimer ap Bledri, Lord Of Kilsant, son of Bledri ap Cydifor Fawr & Clydwen verch Gruffydd, daughter of Gruffudd ap Cydrich, & Joan verch Rhys. GRUFFUDD  ap Cydrich was the of son of Cydrich ap Gwaethfoed of Ystrad Tywy, son of Gwaethfoed of Ystrad Tywy & Nest Verch Tangno, daughter of  Tangno ap Cadfael, his father was Cadfael ap Lluddoca, son of Lludd ap Llewelyn, son of   Llewelyn Llyminiog Angel ap Pasgen &  the daughter of  

Merfyn ap Rhodri Mawr, son of Rhodri the Great, king of the Britons &  Angharad verch Meurig, Princess of South Wales, her father being Meurig ap Dyfnwallon, King of Ceredigion.



MEYRIC & CRISTIN's son was HENRY Kemeys, esq, born about 1294 in Begansley, St Mellons, Monmouthshire, Wales, his wife was

CATRIN verch Llewelyn, daughter of  Llywelyn ap Hywel , son of  Hywel "Felyn" ap Gruffudd ap Ifor , of  Senghennydd Glamorganshire, Wales, he was the  son of  Gruffudd  ap Ifor Bach,Lord of Senghenydd & Mabel FitzRobert

( previously married Amauri to de Montfort) she was the daughter of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, son of 

Robert (FitzRoy) de Caen, 1st Earl of Gloucester & son of King Henry I.

Hywel '' Felyn'' ap Gruffudd ap Ifor's mother was Sarah le Sore, daughter of Sir Mayo le Sore, son of  Pierre le Sore & Jan Fleming, daughter of  William Fleming.




HENRY & CATRIN's son was JOHN Kemeys also born in Begansley s Mellons about 1315, he was the husband of Mawd ferch Rhun

she was the daughter of Rhun Seisyll of Plas Gwyn, Pentraeth, Anglesey, Wales, son of  Siesyll Rhun.


JOHN & MAWD's son was JENKIN  Kemeys, born 1340 in Begansley, Monmouthshire, Wales , he married Crisli verch Morgan

JENKIN & CRISLI's son was Leuan Kemeys born 1374 in Begansley, Monmouthshire, Wales , he married Joan verch Ieuan.

LEUAN & JOAN's son was  William'' Gwilym''Kemeys born 1399 in Newport, Gwynllwg, Welsh Marches, England, he married Lady Elizabeth de la Bere, daughter of  John De La Bere of England &  Lady Agnes  de Turberville  born Coity, Bridgend, Glamorganshire, Wales, her parents were  Sir Payne  de Turberville of England and Gwenllian Talbot. Gwenllian was born in 1280, in Linton Manor, Bromyard, Herefordshire, England.

WILLIAM & ELIZABETH's son was Sir JOHN Keymess born 1430 Newport, Gwynllwg, Monmouthshire, Wales , he married Lady Reyland Castle, born 1420 in Hengrave, Suffolk, England

JOHN & REYLAND's only child a daughter ELIZABETH  Keymess ( name change) was born 1455 in Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales

her husband was Sir Thomas Houchon Lucas born 1460 Little Saxham, Suffolk, England, who's forebearers were of

Comte ( Count) Guerin Du Randonnat Lucas of Châteauneuf en Boutièresres, France. He was a Tudor courtier & Solicitor General .

ELIZABETH & Sir THOMAS's son was HENRY Lucas, born 1490, he married a Mary Greene.

HENRY & MARY's son JOHN Lucas born 1530 married Elizabeth Boldero.

JOHN & ELIZABETH had a son JOHN Lucas was born 1657 who married  Johanna Abrahams.

JOHN & JOHANNA's son was  JOHN Lucas born 1593, he married Rebecca Mooring.

JOHN & REBECCA's son was WILLIAM Lucas born 1614, he married Anne Richards.

WILLIAM & ANNE's son was WILLIAM Lucas born 1644 , he married Martha Downs.

WILLIAM & MARTHA's son JOHN Lucas born 1679, he married Martha Edwards

JOHN & MARTHA's daughter Mary Lucas born 1706, she married John Stocking.

MARY & JOHN's daughter MARTHA STOCKING married THOMAS FOSBROKE  born 1726 son of Rev William Fosbroke BA, Vicar of Diddlebury and  Rector of Aston Scott Shropshire, he married Sarah Caldwell whos famous brother was Admiral Benjamin Caldwell. The Rev William Fosroke's grandfather was Baronett Richard Fosbroke es,Lord of The Manors of Cranford Manor & Drewell Estate  and he was endowed with the ancient seat of the Baldwin Estates when he married Sarah Baldwin, his father was  John of Cranford esq who created the  Cranford Estate when he was endowed with the Drewell Estate by marrying Dorothy Drewell the heiress daughter of Robert of Little Gedding Huntingdon. His forebearers were the bassetts,

( Lord of Manor) for The House of Stafford in Northamptonshire & included  The Curzon's of Curzon Manor( c 1400s) ,John of The Charter ( c1300's ) and in the 1400's a courtier Matilda ( Maude)of the Noble House of Stafford (Dukes of Buckingham)* After becoming a young widow, she became the Dry Nurse to the infant who would become Henri VI King of England

MARTHA & THOMAS FOSBROKE's son WILLIAM born 1768 married Elizabeth Carnel

Their daughter ELIZABETH FOSBROKE  ( The Heiress) born 1793 married David Lewis.Her husband bankrupted what was left of the estate, Lower House Farm Middlehope Shropshire

Their daughter ELIZABETH LEWIS born in Middlehope Lower House Farm 1825 married SAMUEL FARMER, unfortunately due to her parents demise, they became agricultural workers n her own forebearers estate and both Elizabeth & Samuel died of starvation in their early 30s, leaving their three children to b raised by possible John Farmer, Samuel's brother.

Their son GEORGE FARMER born 1843 in Shropshire married PRISCILLA MINSHALL  a fish mongers daughter.

George eventually became  an agricultural engine driver.

They went on to have many children, one of which was my great grandfather 

ERNEST EDWARD FARMER  born 1882 in Bridgenorth Shropshire, he married Gertrude Annie BARNETT from Birmingham.

They also had many children.One of their son's was my grandfather

ALFRED FARMER born 1916 in Lerchworth, Hertfordshire. He died during WW2 at Operation Dynamo in Dunkerque France May 1940, he had managed to get married to DOROTHY 'JOAN' BOWDEN born in Wiltshire ( her father died just after WW1 from gassed lungs), her mother's family came ( since 1530) from Hampshire. Alfred  was survived  by a wife only one child, my father  ALFRED KEITH FARMER born 1936, he married DAWN SHIRLEY CAMPBELL  from Hamilton New Zealand, my mother. 

( He had gone to NZ with his mother and step father in 1950 )


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