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The Free County of Burgundy (online)


The Hereditary Knights Templar Order

( exclusive to this website )

 for FREE .

Just fill out the form and submit.

( submit both if appropriate)


Exclusive, but FREE membership to this online community

Exclusive access the the Members Market place

Where you can find links to titles for sale, and buy items relating to The Nobility & The Templars

Recognition within this community of fellow courtiers with ROYAL/NOBLE/TEMPLAR BLOODLINES- DNA.

You will receive and be addressed by a noble title within this community.

Access to European/ English Nobility/ Templar  history & other information

You will be helping to keep Honor & Chivalry alive!

You will be participating in the current trend of

' The Nobility Renaissance'

Meet new 'like-minded' friends online


The 'titles' given to the members ( Courtiers) are for entertainment purposes ONLY and are not 'real' titles. The titles are NOT to be used in everyday life outside this online community.

However The Countess Palatine of Burgundy can give you exclusive access & information, to where you can aquire a title that you can use in everyday life after your name.  ( go to The Noble Court)Prices to suit all budgets.

The Countess Palatine of Burgundy and this community DO NOT sell nobility titles but merely pass on information on how to buy one.

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