Castles, Manors
of My Ancestors

Royal Residences,

Castles & Manor Estates

of our ancestors

Tower of London  'The White Tower'- still owned by royalty of England.

William I The Conqueror 

Also MANY  other castles built by William I


Windsor Castle- Still a royal residence

Berkshire, England

Henry I

Dover Castle- is now an English Heritage site

Dover, England

Henry II

​Palace of Westminster, Now- 'The Houses of Parliament'

London, England

Edward I

Kerak Castle - Built 1140s, known by The Crusaders as'Crac des Moabites' and in history as 'Karak in Moab' - Besieged and taken in 1189 by

Saladin ( first sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty )

Al-Karak Southern Jordan

'Kings of Jerusalem'

Siltric I Castle,

King of Dublin & York

Built on Roan Fortifications


Dinefwr Castle- Now a ruin owned by The National Trust

Carmarthenshire, Wales.

'House of Dinefwr

Many Welsh Castles TBA

Dunkeld Castle - Demolished, it once stood in the vicinity of Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld, Perthshire Scotland.

'House of Dunkeld'

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, Malcolm II King of The Scots


Hugh Capet inherited vast estates in the regions of Paris and Orléans, extending in some places south of the Loire River


Chateau de Nuef en Cote d Or

Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, Burgundy, France


Chateau neuf en-Boutières

SEIGNEUR GULLIAUME de Chateau Neuf en Boutieres



Bedford Castle- Demolished


Baron of Bedford,William de Beauchamp


Penshurst Castle & Manor

Penshurst, Kent.

Humphrey Stafford,1st Duke of Buckingham

The High House of Stafford, Now shops and offices 


'House of Stafford'

Cranford Manor   

John of Cranford

Cranford st John

st Dunstan Church & Parish

Shardlow Hall
built in 1684 for Leonard Fosbrooke
Ravenstone Hall
' The Fosbrokes'
Middle Hope  Manor
Lower House Farm, Shropshire
Hugh Capet
Ruin of Castle Senlis,
the place of election of Hugh Capet
The Tower of London
The White Tower
Built by William I, for his residence.
The Old Palace of Westminster

Possible site of DUNKELD CASTLE , ruin to the left is Bishops Tower, big house in the middle is DUNKELD HOUSE ( Picture 1693)

BEDFORD CASTLE, artist impression above

Left what remains in 1979

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Early 20th century  SHARDLOW HALL
Then during 1910-1935 it was used as a school
TO THE RIGHT how it looks now, empty
IN 1948
Siltric I Castle

Castle of Niort

Niort, Deux-Sevres France

The castle was started by Henry II Plantagenet in the 12th century and it was completed by his son Richard the Lionheart. Today The castle houses several museums, including an archeological museum on the ground floor. 

st Peters, Diddlebury, my ancestor
Rev William Fosbrooks parish