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Disclaimer: Yes, I realise that these are not

'bona fide' 

coats of arms.


You will find on this website information on English & European heraldry,genealogy,history, nobility, royalty. Including Holy Roman Emperors, Irish, Viking, Scottish kings and Kings of Jerusalem & Levant and The Knights Templar.

Contact ' The Countess' if you think you have royal or noble connections, maybe she can help you to find out.



 * L R Farmer-Peers' The current owner of the German title Pfalzgrafin von Burgund, meaning in English Countess Palatine of Burgundy.' 

This is meaning the person has acquired by purchase an ancient European title that was ceded or annexed by another county or country and that has had no apparent heirs since. Therefore distinguishing herself  by the added name or stage name of Pfalzgrafin von Burgund, meaning in English Countess Palatine of Burgundy.'

Purchased in the year of Our Lord 2016.

In this website the title holder maybe referred to as 'The Countess' as an abbreviation of the said title.

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New Coat of Arms,
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The 'New' Coat of Arms
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Countess Palatine of Burgundy
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Burgundy ( 2016)


The Free County of Burgundy

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All those interested in the subject

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Countess Palatine of Burgundy ( 2016)

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In addition, if interested there are links to buying titles (from Souvenir plots, which your purchase helps to restore an estate or Castle) to stage names

( Titles of little value but nostalgia /family history reasons) to real expensive nobility titles.

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This website has been set up in an attempt to build an on-line community for descendants of European & English royalty ,nobles, Knights and Knights Templars.

The raison d'être is to revive the nobility of our ancestors and to encourage each other to achieve the moral character and status that our ancestors earned, for ourselves.

In short, the restoration of our families noble and rich heritage and begin again to pass this often,' lost heritage' on down to our own descendants.

In addition, you will find in this community friendships with mutual respect, manners and etiquette. 

There is a lot of information on

' The Countess Palatine of Burgundy's '

' (see disclaimer)

lineage and as that goes back to antiquity, this information could provide interesting and invaluable information for your own family research.

Please enjoy this community and if you are a possessor of noble ancestors, please join our fledgeling community, its FREE

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The Countess Palatine of Burgundy ( 2016)

Firstly, it must be stated that this is not a proper nobility title anymore, in the sense that the title has any powers, properties or lands bestowed on it, even though it had once.

The Count of Burgundy was a high noble and head of the Free County of Burgundy, ' Free' to be meaning; although it was part of The Holy Roman Empire, it was autonomously ruled by The Counts of Burgundy. Burgundy was annexed by France in 1678 and thus, ceased to be a 'Free County'. 

This once 'Free County' is land of which is now part of France on the Swiss boarder, the county situated in the region known as the Franche-Comté .And then later during the Bloody Revolution in France, Franche Comte was divided into three divisions and ruled by the Commandeers of The Republic. After which no nobles survived.


This title was sold to *the current owner as the German title Pfalzgrafin von Burgund, meaning in English Countess Palatine of Burgundy.


The title of Count Palatine in the English equivalent of rank would be Earl, the word 'Palatine' means the holder is a higher noble and more like a prince or princess .

But in Europe there were many titled nobles, etc.

The European titles do not act the same as English titles which are true peerage and can only be given by inheritance down the legitimate line or by order of the reigning monarch.

European titles were held by those of noble birth or character who had lands and could lead people. Their nobility was attained by winning in battle and for valour originally. Then their heirs inherited the same title. One could acquire a title by marriage, it could be awarded by the sovereign or sometimes bought or earned by commerce, etc. And if your father or mother was a noble with a title, the children automatically could be addressed by that title even if your parents were not deceased. And so the need for passing the title on down in the will with the estate, ( physical property had to be passed down in a will, just like today ) is not necessary. This remains true today.


Although, not recognised today by the governments of Europe, these titles are none the less titles among the reviving breed of nobles today; those who have researched their ancestry and discovered that they have some 'blue blood' and also by those who want to see nobility, chivalry and honour established again among the peoples. As more and more people are disillusioned with the break up of Europe's national identities, there has become a sort of nobility renaissance which is fast becoming a trend now.

Today, however many European 'nobles' and their descendants have not got any land ,nor can they rule regions benevolently or other wise.

They could not rule any longer, because bureaucrats want to rule in their place.
Bureaucratic heads of European countries ( through The Bloody Revolution in France, Nazism in Germany & Communism & then Socialism elsewhere in Europe) have driven out or murdered the noble classes, they were not content and continue their harassment by defrauding the noble lineage by denying their existence and confiscating their lands and properties, so as their descendants could not inherit.. And so it is now by European law that if you have a title it is part of your family name and not a title in front of your name.

But they cannot change your DNA!


The European titles are different in name too;

there is mainly, Duke, Count, Viscount and Baron and the female counterparts.

These were not and are not royal titles, although some royals held the titles as well as their royal titles. As you will see with this one when you view the page

 ' The Counts of Burgundy '.


No lords or ladies, are found among European nobility as this was bestowed on English Lords of the Manor, who were landed gentry. 

( Attained land from William I The Conqueror, of which I am a descendant and of a few Lords of The Manor also )


A Count was a title given to a head of a county.

A baron to a feudal farm or estate owner and a Duke or Duchy was more like a King, because he ruled the country or all the counties in the region.

So nobility, as it were European style, was a lesser type than the English which started the same way but has become a line of peerage and royalty and can only be given by The Sovereign of Great Britain or be inherited by the first legitimate heir, to which the dynasty has to be proven and long.

So, why you ask, did I buy an European title for myself?

Well, firstly, I am passionate about ancestry, genealogy, history, heritage and chivalry and I am a Christian, a Nationalist or Patriot and a Royalist, as my ancestors were with Knights Templar bloodlines.

Secondly, I do have also have noble and royal bloodlines, English, French, Scottish, Welsh and other European.

In addition I am a descendant of a few Kings of Jerusalem and Holy Roman Emperors and even have at least 4 saints in my family tree.

These are ancestors, on my fathers line of pedigree.



And as German titles are easy to come by, it was made possible to get a title for myself & my descendants. In Addition some of my ancestors were House of Capet ( France-German ) and Dukes of Burgundy.

So the title makes some sort of sense. But as I am 'English' I prefer the title Countess Palatine of Burgundy, rather than the German version.

Explore this website if you want to find out how I am connected and to whom. Maybe you will find an ancestor too.

For a summarized list see the page

'List of My Titled Ancestors' under The Menu tab or just click the button below.

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 Have you ever got tired of hearing the statements;

''that everybody has some blue blood''

or '' that it is very common in today's society''

or '' we are all descendants of Charlemagne'' .

This is pure 'theory' perpetuated by leftist media. ( Those with globalism,communism, socialism agenda )

As it is impossible to know that just because your ancestors were around in the time of say,

Henry II ,that they were the legitimate or  illegitimate son of the king or his groom!
But if you can prove your lineage by accurate research, by tracking down who married who, who gave birth to whom, etc . This is how you find out whether you are the descendant of that known king or his groom, this is proof enough.


And being a descendant of a royal or a notable person makes it easier to correlate the needed information to prove this, as most of these 'notable persons' lineage can be found on legitimate sites on the internet. 

There are usually what I call 'connectors' in your family line. These are persons in your tree that have the connections to royalty or the noble classes.

For my own lineage, it was a surprise!

As we have been known as trades folk for a few generations.

But I found a 'connector' which was confirmed by a genealogist.

This 'connector' unravelled the Royal lineage. and more 'connectors'.



That 'argument' could equally say 99% are descended from his groom!

This is just one source, we are ''the top 1%'',

according to Ancestry.com and I quote from 1a publication website seeking more memberships through asking if you descend from royalty;
'Do you think your family originated from the top 1 percent? '


T he Countess Palatine of Burgundy

( 2016), resides in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and is a loyal subject of Her Majesty

The Queen of Great Britain, Ireland

and the British Dominions beyond the Seas, who is also

The Defender of The Faith.


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All Rights Reserved on this website.

©L R Farmer 2016

aka Countess Palatine of Burgundy ( 2016)

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I do not own the images, video's or the music used on this website.

All such material belongs to their respective owners. In addition some historical information was sourced by internet websites and as such I have tired to site these sources.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use", including non-profit, educational or personal. No copyright infringement intended .

HOWEVER: I do own the assembling of the information on my personal ancestry and family lineage and the photos of immediate family members and the website's design features.


'The Countess Palatine of Burgundy ( 2016)' and this her website is NOT involved in  or affiliated nor even interested in racism, or anything affiliated  with this.

This will NOT be tolerated in this website community.

And she is equally not interested in liberal politics and media hype .

But she is patriot , a royalist and a nationalist with the view to friendly relations and trade activities with Europe and the rest of the world.